About LARQ

LARQ is a non profit community development business fostering connections, sense of place and artistic interventions in the contested space of the west where wilderness branding slugs it out with the technological forces of the mining, forestry and power industries – a hotspot in the constant debate between development and conservation forces in Tasmania. LARQ represents both an exercise in wishful thinking and a determined bid to give artists agency within this ‘colonised wilderness’.

LARQ is an Artist Run Initiative and in the decade between set up and close LARQ aims to bring a focus to the Western region through connections to community, cultural product and both the heritage and natural values inherent in the region.

In its short life LARQ has hosted five funded international artist residencies, five unfunded international residencies, staged nineteen exhibitions, managed eleven art workshops, mentored young local students and welcomed many visitors to its gallery for openings, artists talks, ‘arts industry’ nights and casual visits.


LARQ is supported by Arts Tasmania and Tasmania Regional Arts through project funding

Here is a link to view Simon de Little’s film Perception/Extraction.

Raymond Arnold


8 Hunter Street Queenstown

Contact 0407 527 330

One response to “About LARQ

  1. Bill McGarry

    Raymond, A voice from the crypt (that is the NSW Northern Tablelands). I hear LARQ is now in “suspension”. Thank you and Helena for your work(s) and the big heart(s). Take care and huge respect. Bill McGarry

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